Development History

The origin of Allflex can be traced back to North Palmerston, New Zealand in 1955. John Burford, one creative entrepreneur, established one company named Delta Plastic and manufactured metal graved boards. Bryan Murphy, one passion and active cattleman, was seeking one reliable and easy to read products in order to identify their own animals’ life. These two guys brainstormed to the idea of soft plastic ear tag. And this idea soon became the most effective method to identify the animals.



Later on, Allflex spread widely in the world. First, Allflex established one new plant in North Palmerston, meanwhile the distributing network expanded continuously and developed the market to Austria and America in 1974 and to Europe in 1978. In just several years, Allflex took over the leading position in world wide domestic animal identification area.








During the late of 1990s to early 2000, Allflex invested heavily in building production line of automatic ear tags as well as electronic service chain to support the rapid development of world official programme of identification.
In early 2000, Allflex set up its new factories in Brazil, Scotland, Poland and Canada, and strengthened its commercial standing in Uruguay and Argentine.
In the middle of 2000, Allflex continued its investment (DNZ&BVD) in animal identification and set up its new manufacturer in Turkey.

Allflex and traceability system

From 1970s, Allflex family focus its all energy on the recognition system of cattle, sheep, goat, pig, deer, alpaca and camel, horse and pet animals were also included.
We believe, that wherever in the world you can find the domestic animals’ identification and domestic animals’ trades, you can find the presence of Allflex.